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People Strategy
Our core expertise is in what we call "People Strategy",
which is bringing talent and organization design to a strategic level.
Much of our work revolves around getting the right people in the right roles. We have developed an extraordinarily effective methodology that centres around complexity and human capability. 
There are distinct levels of complexity in work, that correspond with distinct stages of development that people grow through. The ability to handle complexity can be measured.
In our view, the most important thing you can do is match the complexity of a role with a person's current capability to handle complexity. Doing so is key for both great performance in the role, but also for the development of the individual.
Therefore, getting the right people in the right roles unlocks growth for both your business and your team. 
Our approach builds this line of development right into your organization's structure and systems. This ensures that your strategy is properly implemented, and that you have established a growth hierarchy, making leadership development a competitive advantage. 
                The Levels of Complexity:                              Our Approach: 
We have used this approach in many contexts to great effect.
We can work alone, as well as with other consulting firms who have complimentary services to provide the most powerful support.
Our global network of colleagues contains a diverse set of skills that complement ours.  
Below are ways we have applied "People Strategy" to date.

Experience & Expertise

We have worked across industries, organization types, and sizes.

We can help any group of people working together inside an organization. 

Industries & Organization Types

Software & Technology, Finance, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Indigenous, Universities & 

Collages, Government, Policing,


Professional Associations, Family Businesses, Private Equity.


Scaling, Organization Design, Strategy Implementation, Culture,

Talent Pool Management & Leadership Development, Succession, Screening Candidates, Screening Leadership Teams (for Investment Purposes),

Business Agility Transformation, Strategy, Sales Team Optimization, Compensation Systems, Process Reengineering & Systems.

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