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Organizational Consulting Services Fowke Consulting
Our Approach
Fowke Consulting specializes in what we call 'Strategic People Ops', which we consider brining people, organization design and  culture to a strategic level. 
 Using a wide range of methodologies that predicts dysfunction, which allows us to co-create an effective custom-solution for your organization.
Our Concept of Strategic People Ops builds a system of the following pillars:

What We Can Do For You

We use our knowledge of 'people-science' to make sure your organization has the human capital to execute on its strategy, now and into the future.

  • Ensure that you have the right people and the right structure in your organization to execute your strategy.
  • Help you think about your talent pool over time; identifying your future capabilities, gaps in talent, as well as the implications for your business's strategy.
  • Help develop leaders in your organization by designing a developmental plan based on your employees developmental paths, and training their management skills​.
  • Screen applicants for their capability to perform in their role.
  • Lead a cultural transformation in your company, that equips your organization with the culture it needs.
Our Offerings
Professional Development Organizational Fowke Consulting
Some of Our Network Includes:
Don Fowke New Management Network

Don Fowke, FCMC

Bonnie Fowe New Management Network

Bonnie Fowke, CMC

Nick Foster 1-Degree Shift

Nick Foster

1-Degree Shift

Kate Erickson Radius OD

Jan De Visch

Connect & Transform

Andrew Ford Sales CoPilot

Andrew Ford

Sales CoPilot

Tony Welsh Forrst & Co

Tony Welsh

Forrest & Co

Herb Koplowitz Terra Firma

Herb Koplowitz, PH.D.

Mickey Jawa Satistar

Mickey Jawa


Heidi Mehltretter PeopleFit

Heidi Mehltretter



Alicia Parr

Alicia Parr

Barbara Luedecke + Associates
William Carruthers Satistar

William T. Carruthers, PH.D.


Julian Chapman Forrest & Co

Julian Chapman

Forrest & Co

Mark Bodnarczuk Breckenridge Institute

Mark Bodnarczuk

Breckenridge Institute

Kate Erickson Radius OD

Kate Erickson

Barbara Luedecke

Barbara Luedecke + Associates

Terra Firma

Professional Development Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
Member of the NMN
Fowke New Management Network

 We are also connected with the global network of the New Management Network.


Network members from Canada and around the world work together in different combinations to meet your management challenge and provide a unique synergistic capacity that represents both the scope and the depth of the overall network. We integrate appropriate skills to meet the needs of clients for either large or small client projects.

The New Management Network although not a firm in the ordinary sense of word because it does not have an accountability hierarchy, displays characteristics relevant to a Virtual Partnership. For projects involving two or more members, the contractual arrangement formed for the duration of the project specifies the lead member. Specific characteristics of our virtual partnership result in successful outcomes for our clients.

NMN's Global Presence:

  • Beijing

  • Boston

  • Palo Alto

  • Cape Town

  • Cleveland

  • Helsinki

  • Omaha

  • Ottawa 

  • Tehran

  • St. John's

  • Raleigh

  • Toronto

  • Vancouver

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