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Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
What is Thrive?
We offer coaching and professional development services to help you capture your potential. We leverage more than 60 years of experience working with people that has been passed down through the family practice. We use our 'people science' to help you understand yourself, your next developmental step and help guide you through your transitions. 
We offer three introductory packages that help you understand more about yourself, and give us the information we need about you to guide you through your development. Our Ignite package gives you your deepest understanding of yourself with work on personality / leadership style discovery and identifying your next transition in capability. The ignite package also leaves you with a developmental plan that helps you identify next steps. After you have completed one of the introductory packages we can set up a custom coaching plan to help you navigate your professional development. 
Our goal is to help you become the best that you can be. Are you in?
Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
Ignite Package
Our Ignite Package leverages our 'people science' to help you navigate the next few years of your career. We guide you through self discovery about your personality and leadership style, assess what the next transition in your managerial ability is, and coach you through what you need to do in order to take advantage of that transition. This package can be the foundation of a productive, long-term coaching relationship. At end of this process you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, the people around you, which is the first step toward being able to work more effectively with other people and be a better leader.

The Ignite Package includes 3 sessions:

  1. The First Session is focused on your aspirations, personality discovery, and leadership style.

  2. In the Second Session we will assesses your next managerial transition. 

  3. The Third Session starts with session two feedback and focuses on building a professional development plan that fits your needs.

Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
Other Introductory Services

Personality Discovery

Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
Learn about your personality and leadership style based on deep insights from the Enneagram. This tool describes the unconcious habits of attention that run in the background of our lives. Understanding your habits of attention helps you avoid getting derailed and is the pathway to developmental growth. This system also leads to better understanding of other people which helps you manage team dynamics and interpersonal relationships. 
This service includes both a one-on-one session with one of our coaches, and also a 'take-home' booklet that acts as a useful reference through your development.


Managerial Ability Assessment (CIP)
Thrive Coaching Fowke Consulting
With the CIP (Complexity of Information Processing) assessment, we can identify what level of work you are currently capable of and the probabilistic path of development throughout your career, independent of developmental interventions. This powerful tool can be of great use for managing your next developmental step. Whether you're looking for a promotion or running your own company, knowing the next step in your development is key to capturing your potential.

This product includes two sessions. The first session will be an interview-style assessment to explore how your mind works. The second session will be a debrief about your next transition in capability and what that means for you.
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