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Additional Services


Talent Bank

Talent Bank

Part of Fowke Consulting's scope is helping clients fill their roles with the right people. In order to fill these roles faster, while maintaining a good fit between the person and the role, Fowke Consulting is developing a talent bank.


If you would like to be notified if there is a role in one of our client companies that fits you developmentally that join our talent bank.

Our talent bank is filled with individuals who are interested in their own development. We also offer members of our talent bank developmental services that we use within our client organizations. 


Joining the talent bank is easy, we organize a free 1 hour video-call with one of our experts to assess your developmental needs. Thats it - you will be notified personally if you are a good candidate for a job and have access to our developmental services. 

Organize a call here.

Written pieces

Written Pieces

Josh is writing a book that provides practical advice to business leaders about people, organization and culture.  

Josh is also involved in co-authoring a book which beta-version name is, "Is this person capable at a general manager level".


He also wrote a chapter for his grandparents book, "The Smart Creative" which is available on amazon




Josh offer's presentations on topics related his consulting practice. He approaches presentations as an opportunity to think out loud, sharing his experience and knowledge base as he works through the problem.


Examples of questions he wrestles with:

How do you think about getting the right people in your organization?

How does culture work?

How do you scale beyond your small team?

How do you develop leaders?

How do companies retain their talent?

Propose  your own question in the realm of people, organization and culture,

Inquire about availability here.

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