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Fowke Consulting

Unleashing Human Potential

Strategic People Ops

Elevate your Staffing & Organization Design  to a strategic level. 


Our Story
Fowke Consulting is a multi-generation family practice.
The Fowke's have been helping organizations for more than 60 years.   
We have refined a methodology for getting the right people in the right roles which yields extraordinary results.  
We help organizations reach their optimal performance while making the workplace a space for personal growth.
We invite you to join us on this journey to unleash human potential.



We have a strong global bench to handle your toughest or most timely problems. We collaborate with our trusted colleagues when it is appropriate for your project.

  • Toronto

  • Boston

  • Palo Alto

  • Cape Town

  • London

  • New York

  • Madrid

  • Helsinki

  • Montreal

  • Ottawa 

  • Richmond

  • Melbourne

  • Raleigh

  • Houston

  • Beijing

  • Belo Horizonte

  • Antwerp

Bonnie Fowe New Management Network

Don Fowke

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Don has 60 years of experience consulting around the world. He is revered by his peers for his expertise and demeanour.  Don holds a Master of Science in Industrial Managment from MIT and was a visiting scholar at UC Berkley.

Bonnie Fowke

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Bonnie has worked on businesses and government programs internationally. She graduated from the Gestalt Institute of 

Cleveland for Organization and Systems Development, as well as Gestalt Therapy.

Josh Fowke

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Josh is a budding star in the consulting industry. He has a degree in Entrepreneurship & Strategy from Ryerson University and has grown up in the business. 

Our Partners

Don Fowke New Management Network
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A Few of Our Colleagues Include:


Patrick Hoverstadt

Fractal Consulting

Kate Erickson Radius OD

Jan De Visch

Connect & Transform

Alex Jones.png

Michele Madore


Mickey Jawa Satistar

Mickey Jawa


Nick Foster 1-Degree Shift

Nick Foster

1-Degree Shift

Heidi Mehltretter PeopleFit

Heidi Mehltretter


Andrew Ford Sales CoPilot

Andrew Ford

Sales CoPilot

William Carruthers Satistar

William T. Carruthers, PHD


Julian Chapman Forrest & Co

Julian Chapman

Forrest & Co

Tony Welsh Forrst & Co
Alicia Parr
Mark Bodnarczuk Breckenridge Institute
Kate Erickson Radius OD

Tony Welsh

Forrest & Co

Herb Koplowitz Terra Firma

Herb Koplowitz, PHD

Alicia Parr


Carolyn Swora

Terra Firma

Mark Bodnarczuk

Breckenridge Institute

Kate Erickson

Pinnacle Culture


Andrew Jones

Agility In Mind


Carol Mase

Gear Stream


Adam Thompson


Peter Kemball

The Kemball Group


Rod Willis



Dave Bowman

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